Coconut palm trees don't grow in germany

A few words for all those who want to drink the Fountain of Youth with a clear conscience.

Palm trees don't grow in Germany, otherwise we'd offer you our natural coconut water from a nut grown directly in Brandenburg. The realisation of the dream of drinking this delicious and uniquely healthy drink at home, was forced to take a detour to answer some questions: Where can we find the best coconut water? How do we transport it to Germany? How can we get it here, keeping it natural and full of vitamins?

The search for the best and most delicious coconuts has led us to the south of Thailand. That's where the very best palm trees grow!
We have found a medium sized company, specialised in young coconut water and were able to convince ourselves of the quality of its plantation, products and working conditions. Of course they're not using monkeys to harvest the coconuts.

Manufacturing processes

There are different types of manufacturing and processing which determine the quality of the coconut water. Coconut water can be made from concentrates which are mixed with water and bottled in the country of consumption. Economically, that's the most efficient way, although obviously not in terms of product freshness. There are methods of transporting the coconut water in large stainless steel containers to the consumer countries. After the arrival the water is processed, filtered, heated and bottled. In some cases, the coconut water is processed with additives or ingredients such as ascorbic acid and sugar for longer durability or better taste.

We chose the on-site bottling as for us, the purity and authenticity of the product is paramount. The young coconut water is bottled directly into the can within hours after being extracted using modern and gentle filter methods. This immediate processing achieves a quality that is closest to drinking it directly from the nut. Any additional production step consumes energy and reduces the freshness and quality of the content.


Our beverage can is 100% opaque and airtight, so we can keep the full richness and quality of the natural nutrients of our coconut water, whilst also keeping it free of preservatives or additional flavouring.
We use a standard can made of tinplate as packaging. The production, transportation and energy costs are low.

The recycling rate of tinplate packaging in Germany is currently at around 93%. In total the cans are recycled to about 89%, glass bottles to about 82%, PET bottles to 70%. Moreover, the tinplate can production consumes the least amount of primary energy and water, and also consumes the least energy in the recycling process. Tinplate, unlike aluminium, is a magnetically conductive metal and easy to separate in the recycling process.

We are certified for taking part in the dual system. The can is best disposed of in the yellow bin or "pre-sorted" in a large garbage bag and placed on top of the normal garbage in the black bin. At the landfill, the recyclables are again filtered and processed separately.

In spite of its bad reputation, the beverage can is not only environmentally competitive with the e.g. disposable PET or glass bottles, but from the point of view of ecological balance sheet by the german "IFEU Institute" almost on an equal level with reusable packaging.


For us, the can is, when taking everything into account, the best option. It enables the highest quality for our product, the most efficient routes and is easy to manufacture. Above all, it allows a direct filling in the country of origin. There aren't many products as sustainable as fresh juices, which includes the coconut water. The production cost is low, local agriculture is supported and it is 100% natural. The can reflects our view: an honest package, an honest product. Bottled directly at the plantation.

You can enjoy our coconut water and be certain that we have the highest standards of sustainability for our product and our work. After all, we're doing this just for one real reason: so we can drink this amazing beverage ourselves every day in the best possible quality.