Cooled or with Ice.

With Vodka/Rum/Gin and a little lemon twist.

In a Hot Monkey (Warm Fountain of Youth, fresh ginger, slice of lime - add rum for extra heat).

In a Honolulu (In a long glass take 2-3 cut strawberries and a spoon of raw sugar and muddle. Add 4 large Basil leaves, fill with crushed ice. Then add 4cl white Rum and 2cl Vodka. Mix with a spoon and top off with crushed ice and Fountain of Youth).

Or you can even...

Put it Into your cereal for breakfast. It's lighter and better for you than milk. You can make Pizza dough with it. Just use coconut water instead of water.


100% natural, fresh, young coconut water. Nothing else.
It's bottled and sealed right after the coconut is opened for maximum freshness and vitality. For the geeks amongst you, here's the nutritional information.