Carpethangers... #itreallytiestheroomtogether

Soundcheck with wonder voice Paula and #zmei3 maarten... he fixes the cable ?

Transylvanian Paula from the bar. Saturday courtyard live 8pm. #zmei3. Our Romanian soul presenting her first album! Produced by Grammy man #ianbrennan #michelbergermusic

This guy is fun instaco... @officialdannytrejo ... Smile, it's almost Taco Tuesday

Taking home our first trophy. Golden Coconut world champions! #nutswithanattitude

Ohlala ... #purplerain juice by Maria @newdeliyoga #secretingredientsapartfromredcabbage #favouriteneighbour

Happening... @sarahkneufeld #michelbergermusic

Wedding dresses are underrated - Happy Wedding to @keller.tobitobsn , his Lady and his monkey friend #fountainoflove

Nadine holding up concert poster for @sarahkneufeld while reading the Bowie column "never let me down" in @musikexpress_magazin

On a small island somewhere in Ireland... @dropevrything happy to be part of that gem ! Use it against hangovers or just to cool your face:)

It's Happening.... Dönertunnel by @imakombo #michelbergerrestaurant

Lobster Döner tonight from @imakombo alongside #pacificrim Restaurant and courtyard! From 5pm !!!!! #dönerjoint #dönerparty

Charred Asparagus, Miso, Nori. And something that looks like an egg. Travelling the #spargelworld #michelbergerrestaurant @alanmicks

Michelberger's Pacific Rim - 6 Week Restaurant. Shopping with the Crew. Ready for Business from Wednesday... If we get out of the jungle ...@alanmicks @atelierkazimir #pacificrim #michelbergerrestaurant

#thegreenfairy created by Clemence, muddled celery, #adlergin, vermouth and lemon, with egg white and a dash of Crémant to create texture. It’s finished with a red chilli tincture, which is sprayed over the top, providing a nice olfactory hit. Thanks @zoe_spawton

Just another day at lunch :) @alanmicks - Zucchini, tomato, goats cheese, walnut muesli, oregano

One of Azars first hotel drawings found its way somehow to the wall of a beautifully looking cafe in Athens:) thanks @le_la_lou #underdog #robothanging @atelierkazimir

24 Hour Piano ... Daylight Hits the Stage! Thank you all Performers and @nils_frahm #pianoday

Punch Drunk Love at @theatre_acedtla live score screening. Thanks to our friends @acehotel a most magical place

Berlin Tegel- best Airport in the World! Thanks To the guys from #aufdiehand #fountainofyouth is there to dejetleg and youngtime you!

Eternal psychedelic loops with @lnzndrf @distantstation night out . Thank you !

Bartartar :) by @alanmicks @blaisemagee #barfoodporn #barfoodfriday #michelbergerrestaurant

Vincent for mankind. Thank you #vincentmoon for the spiritual VJ journey in our lobby. Great to know you are out there for us!

@alanmicks and Jules presenting the latest additions to the dinner this starter: wild pig's head fritters, smoked apple, black pudding, pumpkin mousse or like Charred radicchio, miso, blood orange, fried nori #michelbergerrestaurant #michelberger

My cousin jimmy ... @atelierkazimir #jimmyhendrix #fountainofyouth

Kitchen Takes over the Bar all Week Long! #barfoodporn @alanmicks #michelbergerrestaurant

Winterland. #courtyardporn #michelbergerforest

Red light marks the Spot. Sailors with or without ship follow the red lantern to the last cabin on the train #2016

Candles along your ways! Merry Christmas and thank you all for being around! ...and @alexandra_klobouk for the beautiful sketching

This is what #kaiserschmarrn Looks like before the Magic:) Christmas celebration with @mitvergnuegen from 3pm. Live #sarahhartmann #razz @berliner_kneipenchor

Looking to improve the acoustics in the restaurant for a while now. Sascha from Siberia, Studio builder found the perfect solution. @schubertstudio #foodsound TagTeam: #raineranderik #hansandrudi

Tonight from 6! Oysters from Zealand, line catched makrele, hand picked crabs and baltic shrimp #barfoodfriday #Sakeandseafood

Welcome Forest Courtyard Sauna! Ready for the first guests! #outdoorspaday

A glass of red with #zackzack #ruckzuck @wolflotter #allwindowsopen @brand_eins

What do they hate so much about us? Thoughts from us on terror and light cracks. #searchforthecause

Funtime with the Boys at Funkhaus. @mikkellerbeer @alsingmajor @atelierkazimir #geraldandtheprofessor happy this wonderland found his way into good Hands

Scott lost in Berlin... on tour with our New York #michelbergerbooze partners @tedwardwines @curiousflaneur @iamlooper #lostingrubstreet #TEdwardBerger

Last touches to our brand new room category: #michelbergerhideout incl. kitchen, sauna and bunch of other natural spectacle. Ready for book off on our website. Magic Thanks to @herrsigurdlarsen @atelierkazimir #timmlindstedt #tischlereikathrein and all the other craftsmen without insta :)

...yeah well history is gonna change.... @mikkellerbeer #michelbergerbooze #martymcfly

Ready to travel the World ! Pan, A world citizen, like all babies from now on should be. Free to go wherever they want. No matter what passport. The freshest addition to the family. Soon showing you the way to your room. #everyoneeverywhere

Can you see the light... ! Yes, yes, I can see the light! Thank you Sufjan for a wonderful journey #sufjanstevens

Ohhhhhh. European premiere ... super excited about the #industrystandard from @drinkicd laboratory in bln. Arrived today. Hitting the #michelbergerbooze shelves tomorrow:))) thank you guys!!!! Vodka like you haven't tasted before...

Ready for tomorrow :) #bythelake festival by @efterklang #foodandbooze by us! Come and let's bring this abandoned theatre back to life! #michelbergerrestaurant

Dinner starter #2. Where is the spicy pork belly ? #michelbergerrestaurant @alanmicks #michelberger

Today's dinner special starter: smoked salmon pizza. potato bread, herbs, fish. Created by Blaise @alanmicks #michelbergerrestaurant

Color your little monkey book available at the reception or for big kids to play around in the restaurant #michelbergermonkey #fountainofyouth #storyofmonkey #bustanut

Little german sausage says #peoplebeforeprofit #word

Welcome #blackandwhite to #michelbergermakesclothes Eliot's idea:) @eliotsumner2

Thanks to all the wonderful wine craftmakers for doing what you do. Small is beautiful! @gutoggau @hendrikthoma @pearlmorissette @bianco_ @tuttowines @trishywaan @cantinagiardino @tuttowines @ladidadiwines @newcomerwines @magnusreid @wilsondotcom @andyainsy

40 #BioDynamic #Naturalwines will conquer the Hotel on 13/14th. Together with @magnusreid and @wilsondotcom let the bottles Pop!

The eagle has Landed!!! #fifa #fif****d #familyoffootball #DIY

Tonight live in our courtyard! #erlendoye #whitestboyalive #kingsofconvenience

The most vain #vegetablefamily shows its tails also during lunch this week... Isnt she a pretty One?! #michelbergerrestaurant @alanmicks #michelberger

Finally good old Weissbier in the pipes....together with berlin's brewing genius Michael Schwab, on our shelves in June. #honoluluweissbier

Testwearing Tee Boozedealer Prototype #wolfbird

The Return of Rock'n'Roll! Thanks #willbutler for an amazing ride!

Can't imagine a city without rooftops. Thank you @klunkerkranich

#smallisbeautiful #efschumacher #michelberger

Our Monkey is now at available at Delicious Berlin in the nice district of Wilmersdorf. 

Go check out their store on Pariser Str. 54 or visit their website :

Azar wonders why ancient statues always have big muscles and small balls?!

Cabin in the Mountains. Magic Team Time with the 20 oldest michelbergers

Paradise! @areiasdoseixo @whereis_kiki Thank you and see you in Berlin

#feuerundflamme #olympiafreiberlin #wirwollendiespiele #lieberseifenkistenrennenwarschauerstrassezumschlesiundzurück

Berlin's Cocktail Bar Evergreen: #beckettskopf. Since 10 years the best of its kind. Still a hidden gem. Try the Blood&Sand with #michelbergermountain #michelbergerbooze

Snow arriving in our courtyard Forest. Watch out for the bears and Snow Monkeys...Wishing you all you wish for 2015 ! #michelberger

The Set up. Pick 4cl forest, 3cl Soda, Berries/Cinnamon or 4cl Mountain, 3cl Soda, Chamomille/ Lemon Balm....and you got some herbs coming your Way ... :)) #michelbergerbooze #michelberger

Michelberger Makes Clothes - First mini line on the Lobby Assembly :)) Design & Manufacturing & Feelings all local

See you tonight at Columbia Halle #morrissey! Happy Sunday to all!

Welcome #fountainofyouth Partners to our Homebase ! Excited to grow alongside your wonderful endeavours...

Dreamteam! Last Time they met happened to be at the same Spot:) very excited for Earl and Damien tonight!!!!

Ace rooftop with Kelly and our friends from the Atelier @acehotel

Just another Tuesday Morning Team huddle. Priceless. #handcraftedwithlovemonkeysfromourkenyangrandpawoodshaper #michelbergermonkey

Snapshot of Time. The Place to do Fun Stuff.

Azar's Brother aka The Wodka man is back from Warschau with his Truck Loaded with 100s of Different Polish Wodkas ! Making Plans with Elena and Leah for another Polish Night in our Christmas Forest courtyard.

Coming to America - The Booze Chapter :)) if you are around Brooklyn on the 27th let us know. @tedwardwines #michelbergerbooze #michelbergermountain #michelbergerforest

The Fountain of Youth now distributed in Denmark, thanks to Kihoskh! :)

Our FoY drinking friend Alexander won first place at the stand up paddler race in Zürich and an awesome trip to the Battle of the Paddle in California, the biggest and most important SUP race in the world. Congratulations!
See…the Monkey works :)

Kristof's Michelberger Fizz: 1cl honeysirup, 5cl Mountain, 3cl Lemon juice, stir it, top with soda and rosmary :)

This is where we train! Azar in Action. El Pen.

United Booze Lovers of America here we come! The first ship with our magic potion is ready to cross the ocean! Soon in nyc through our new friends from t.edward wines!

Goodbye Franziska and Marc! Onto making beautiful films and enriching other people's life. Thank you for all the love and the cappuccinos. A hui hou!

Il postino:) don't try to chat him up, he is a bit grumpy

The Guy with The wild Herbs! Fresh and straight from his Farm. Twice a week straight onto the dinner plate:)

Takin it easy on the beach with Harpers Bazaar.

Klaudia and Jule working on a new thing cheering up the staircase

Every once in a while, everyone needs a little Arcade Fire Party crashing. Thank you all amazing people on, off stage, behind and in front of the bar. It felt like the frogs raining...

Montreal Friends back in town. Party on. First Midnight hotel take over ever!

Hawaiian band in our courtyard! Should do that every night. Thank you !

Remmidemmi mit Matze und chefket... Good Times

Tiki Taka ! Join the Ride. June 12th to July 13th.

How Beauty is that?!! 'Existence or nonexistence' written by clouds in the Sky. How did they do it?

#MiguelMolina and #MarkusMichelberger on Pole Position for #dtm race tomorrow live on ARD. Powered by Monkey. Yeah!

Monkey as you’ve never seen him before in honour of our running team…

Copenhagen Beer celebration by Mikkeller.

Real Italian Icecreammaker. On the spot made and amazing.

We’re going to be at the opening of Copenhagen Street Food this Friday. Come say hi!

@singblackbird - our favourite clothes and fresh juice shop. Neukölln- Sanderstrasse

Auf den Nikobaren im Indischen Ocean werden Kokosnüsse so hoch geschätzt, dass sie bis Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts als Zahlungsmittel beim Kauf von Waren verwendet wurden.
Sie sind für die Samoaner so wertvoll, dass man eine Kokosnuss, die auf dem Boden liegt, nicht etwas als kostenlos betrachten darf. Denn mit Sicherheit gehört sie jemandem, der sie dort hingelegt hat und wiederkommen wird, um sie zu holen. Wenn keiner hinschaut und jemand nimmt die Kokosnuss mit, so wird der Tapui, ein magischer Geist, den Dieb bestrafen und Unglück und Krankheit über ihn bringen.

Best point of sale ever? Our friend Kalle in Pfullendorf made this new friend for his fridge for Monkey to play with.

Summer around the corner, get your mobile bars ready!

Now at or at our reception. For street bikers and palm tree runners.

A portrait of Monkey by Nélio, a young fan of his.

Welcome to the Family! Racer Monkey Bottles for fast Monkeys only.

Detroit Friends in Town. Visiting our schnaps partner Gerald at his distille #preussischespirituosenmanufaktur

First mikkellerberger on the housemeisters. From today in our bar and restaurant.

From the reception desk straight on stage. Maarten and his Swing Cat Club

Evan is back from India. Eat your Schnitzel

At Fashion week this year in Berlin, there was a definite trend for red and white.

Grandpa promotes his own show with his own customized Monkey!

Meeting old and new friends from Mikkeller. Amazing Beers. Great guys. We decided to do a Mikkellerberger Edition for the hotel… one that mixes with our monkey juice :)

For the election last weekend, of course we voted Monkey!