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Have you ever drunk      the water straight from a
fresh coconut? We      did and fell in love and went on a journey to find the very best. Over the next months, we tasted and we travelled and we learnt how to get the
juice as purely and naturally into the can as possible.
Finally we found the perfect farm growing the tastiest coconuts, and now we have it, our favourite drink in the world. 100% fresh, young coconut water in the best quality available, with absolutely nothing added.

The UN Food & Agriculture Organisation says: "It's the fluid of life." We say: It's the Fountain of Youth and to us it just feels like sitting under a palm tree, gazing out in to the ocean, getting younger and stronger, sip by sip.


Naturally isotonic, it rehydrates you in a way that's in balance with your body.

Loaded with the essential electrolytes your body needs: magnesium, calcium, sodium, phosphorus and especially potassium.

Natural cooling effect on the body so it's great for coping with the warm weather.

Helps increase your metabolism, so you have more energy for exercise.

Full of Cytokinins. Google it and you'll discover that research has shown that they possess anti-cancer and anti-aging powers.

As well as containing fiber, it's anti-viral and anti-fungal so it's great for your stomach, and it's has nutrients which feed the friendly bacteria inside your belly.

As well as the groovy stuff in it, it's also important what's not in it! There's no fat, no cholesterol, no added sugar and it's low in calories.

The simple fact is that after drinking it, you feel great inside. Just try it for yourself.


Natural fresh energy
straight from the palm tree

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Hello Monkey!

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Where to buy

To find the Monkey Water in your neighbourhood please drop us a message at

Or give us a call at

+49/(0)30 6920 6391 0
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Cooled or with Ice.

With Vodka/Rum/Gin and a little lemon twist.

In a Hot Monkey (Warm Fountain of Youth, fresh ginger, slice of lime - add rum for extra heat).

In a Honolulu (In a long glass take 2-3 cut strawberries and a spoon of raw sugar and muddle. Add 4 large Basil leaves, fill with crushed ice. Then add 4cl white Rum and 2cl Vodka. Mix with a spoon and top off with crushed ice and Fountain of Youth).

Or you can even...

Put it Into your cereal for breakfast. It's lighter and better for you than milk. You can make Pizza dough with it. Just use coconut water instead of water.


100% natural, fresh, young coconut water. Nothing else.
It's bottled and sealed right after the coconut is opened for maximum freshness and vitality. For the geeks amongst you, here's the nutritional information.

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For questions or wishes write to us at

If you would like to offer it in your bar, club, restaurant or concert venue please contact us at

Michelberger Import Export GmbH
Forster Str. 6
10999 Berlin

T: +49/(0)30 6920 6391 0
F: +49/(0)30 6920 6391 9
Legal stuff / Impressum


The Story of Monkey is based on the tale of Sun Wukong from the classical Chinese Novel, 'Journey to the West' as well as the adventures of Lord Hanuman.
Website concept, design, illustration, packaging all by the Michelberger Hotel.
Music - Courtesy of Cord International - Kauoha Mai by Lena Machado and Sol Hoopii.

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On our coconut journey through Thailand, we discovered a family that focuses purely on harvesting the freshest young coconuts, farming a collective of plantations right in the area where the strongest palm trees with the tastiest coconuts grow. They're wonderful people and business partners with coconut water running in their veins.

Here are some images from our first visit:

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farm slide 1 farm slide 2 farm slide 4 Lake view at the coconut farm farm slide 7 Look, a cocunut palm! Loading a full shipment in the monkey truck!

Fresh like

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English / Deutsch

Coconut palm trees don't grow in germany

A few words for all those who want to drink the Fountain of Youth with a clear conscience.

Palm trees don't grow in Germany, otherwise we'd offer you our natural coconut water from a nut grown directly in Brandenburg. The realisation of the dream of drinking this delicious and uniquely healthy drink at home, was forced to take a detour to answer some questions: Where can we find the best coconut water? How do we transport it to Germany? How can we get it here, keeping it natural and full of vitamins?

The search for the best and most delicious coconuts has led us to the south of Thailand. That's where the very best palm trees grow!
We have found a medium sized company, specialised in young coconut water and were able to convince ourselves of the quality of its plantation, products and working conditions. Of course they're not using monkeys to harvest the coconuts.

Manufacturing processes

There are different types of manufacturing and processing which determine the quality of the coconut water. Coconut water can be made from concentrates which are mixed with water and bottled in the country of consumption. Economically, that's the most efficient way, although obviously not in terms of product freshness. There are methods of transporting the coconut water in large stainless steel containers to the consumer countries. After the arrival the water is processed, filtered, heated and bottled. In some cases, the coconut water is processed with additives or ingredients such as ascorbic acid and sugar for longer durability or better taste.

We chose the on-site bottling as for us, the purity and authenticity of the product is paramount. The young coconut water is bottled directly into the can within hours after being extracted using modern and gentle filter methods. This immediate processing achieves a quality that is closest to drinking it directly from the nut. Any additional production step consumes energy and reduces the freshness and quality of the content.


Our beverage can is 100% opaque and airtight, so we can keep the full richness and quality of the natural nutrients of our coconut water, whilst also keeping it free of preservatives or additional flavouring.
We use a standard can made of tinplate as packaging. The production, transportation and energy costs are low.

The recycling rate of tinplate packaging in Germany is currently at around 93%. In total the cans are recycled to about 89%, glass bottles to about 82%, PET bottles to 70%. Moreover, the tinplate can production consumes the least amount of primary energy and water, and also consumes the least energy in the recycling process. Tinplate, unlike aluminium, is a magnetically conductive metal and easy to separate in the recycling process.

We are certified for taking part in the dual system. The can is best disposed of in the yellow bin or "pre-sorted" in a large garbage bag and placed on top of the normal garbage in the black bin. At the landfill, the recyclables are again filtered and processed separately.

In spite of its bad reputation, the beverage can is not only environmentally competitive with the e.g. disposable PET or glass bottles, but from the point of view of ecological balance sheet by the german "IFEU Institute" almost on an equal level with reusable packaging.


For us, the can is, when taking everything into account, the best option. It enables the highest quality for our product, the most efficient routes and is easy to manufacture. Above all, it allows a direct filling in the country of origin. There aren't many products as sustainable as fresh juices, which includes the coconut water. The production cost is low, local agriculture is supported and it is 100% natural. The can reflects our view: an honest package, an honest product. Bottled directly at the plantation.

You can enjoy our coconut water and be certain that we have the highest standards of sustainability for our product and our work. After all, we're doing this just for one real reason: so we can drink this amazing beverage ourselves every day in the best possible quality.


Coconut palm trees don't grow in Slovenia

Ali ste že kdaj pili vodo naravnost iz mladega, svežega kokosa? M smo jo; zaljubili smo se vanjo in se odpravili na lov za najboljšo kokosovo vodo. V naslednjih mesecih smo potovali od kraja do kraja, poskušali in se naučili, kako svež kokosov sok na najbolj naraven način proizvesti za naše potrebe. Končno smo našli, kar smo iskali, popolno farmo, kjer gojijo najokusnejše kokose daleč naokoli in zdaj jo imamo, najokusnejšo kokosovo vodo. 100% sveža naravna kokosova voda, najboljše kakovosti, popolnoma brez dodatkov.

Organizacija Združenih narodov za prehrano in kmetijstvo pravi: »To je tekočina življenja«. Mi pravimo: »Je Vrelec mladosti (Fountain of life???) in že ob prvem požirku imaš občutek, da si pod palmo, nekje daleč stran na plaži, s pogledom na ocean, in da z vsakim požirkom postajaš mlajši in močnejši.«

Zdravilna moč kokosove vode:

je naraven izotonik in poskrbi za rehidracijo na telesu prijazen način. Ohranja ga v ravnovesju

je polna elektrolitov, ki jih telo potrebuje: magnezij, kalcij, natrij, fosfor in še zlasti kalij

s svojim naravnim učinkom ohladitve telesa je odlična za vroče dni in noči

pospešuje delovanje prebavnega sistema in poveča raven energije

je polna citokininov. Pobrskajte po spletu in našli boste raziskave, ki potrjujejo, da ti hormoni uničujejo rakave celice in blagodejno vplivajo na proces staranja

poleg tega, da vsebuje veliko vlaknin, je kokosova voda protivirusna in protivnetna in s tem blagodejno vpliva na želodčno kislino. 

prav tako, kot je pomembno, kaj vse je v kokosovi vodi, je še pomembneje, česa ni! Je brez maščob, holesterola, brez dodanega sladkorja in izjemno nizkokalorična Že po enem požirku se od znotraj preprosto počutiš fantastično! Kar poskusi sam!

Kako jo pijem?

ohlajeno ali z ledom

z vodko/rumom/ginom in malce limone

Hot Monkey- Fountain of Youth, svež ingver, košček limete(dodaj rum za dodatno ostrino)

Honolulu - v velikem kozarcu zmešaš 2-3 narezane jagode in žlico sladkorja. Dodaš 4 liste bazilike, napolniš z strtim ledom in zmešaš. Na vrhu dodaš še malo ledu in preliješ s kokosovo vodo.

Naša kokosova farma

Na svojem popotovanju skozi Tajsko smo odkrili družino, ki se ukvarja samo z gojenjem mladih, svežih kokosov na območju, kjer rastejo najokusnejši kokosi na svetu. So izjemni ljudje, naši prijatelji in poslovni partnerji, ki jim kokosova voda »teče po žilah«. Tu je nekaj slik iz našega prvega obiska farme:


Za vsa vprašanja in želje ali če želite ponuditi kokosovo vodo Fountain of youth v svojem baru, restavraciji, lokalu ali na koncertu, pišite na

Lahko se obrnete tudi osebno na Simona in pokličete 031830957, ali pa na Tinkaro na številko 041294947.


Coconut palm trees don't grow in Portugal

Já alguma vez bebeste água directamente de um coco fresco? Nós já, e ficámos apaixonados! Assim entrámos nesta jornada de procurar a melhor de toda a espécie. Nos meses seguintes, provámos, viajámos e aprendemos como obter a melhor água tão pura e natural quanto possível para a tua lata. Finalmente encontrámos a quinta perfeita onde naturalmente crescem os cocos mais saborosos. E agora já a temos! A nossa bebida favorita no mundo 100% fresca, água de jovens cocos com a melhor qualidade disponível no mercado, sem absolutamente nenhum aditivo!

A organização UN Food & Agriculture diz: “ é o fluido da vida “. Nós dizemos que é a fonte da juventude, que nos faz sentir como se estivéssemos sentados debaixo de um coqueiro com olhar fixado no mar a disfrutar de cada gole que nos fortalece e rejuvenesce.

Aspectos saudáveis:

Isotônico natural, que te reidrata de uma forma equilibrada o teu organismo.

Carregado com os principais eletrólitos de que o nosso corpo necessita: Magnésio, cálcio, sódio, fósforo e principalmente potássio.

Naturalmente refrescante, ideal para combater o calor.

Aumenta o nosso metabolismo, assim obtemos mais energia para actividades fisicas.

Rico em citoquininas! Pesquisa no Google e vais descobrir que esta propriedade possui elementos anti cancro e anti envelhecimento.

Contém também fibra, anti viral e anti fungal, é por isso óptimo para o estômago, com os nutrientes que alimentam a bactéria amiga que vive nas nossas barrigas.

Assim como todas estas coisas boas, é também importante mencionar as menos boas; Sem gordura, sem colesterol, sem açúcares adicionados e espantosamente baixo em calorias!

O simples facto é que mesmo após o primeiro gole começas logo a sentir-te bem por dentro! Experimenta por ti mesmo.

Como beber?

Fresco ou com gelo.

Com vodka/rum/gin e um pouco de limão torcido.

Macaco quente ( Fountain of Youth quente, gengibre fresca, fatia de lima - adiciona rum para um aquecimento extra.

Honolulu ( põe 2-3 morangos picados e uma colher de açúcar num copo alto; junta 4 folhas grandes de manjericão, enche com gelo picado e mistura com uma colher, finaliza com o gelo picado e Fountain of Youth).

A nossa quinta de cocos

Na nossa aventura em busca do coco pela Tailândia, descobrimos uma família que se dedica á plantação e colheita de jovens e frescos cocos, cultivam em colectividade plantações na principal região onde se desenvolvem os mais fortes coqueiros e onde crescem os mais saborosos cocos. Eles são pessoas maravilhosas e parceiros de negócio com água de coco a correr-lhes nas veias. Aqui estão algumas imagens da nossa primeira visita:


Se tiveres alguma questão ou sugestão escreve - nos para;

Se pretenderes dispor de Fountain of Youth no teu bar, discoteca, restaurante ou evento, por favor catacta-nos para;


Fountain of Youth - Nutrition Facts

Coconout Juice 100%
Serving Size 1/2 can (260ml)
Calories (per serving)
Calories from Fat (per serving)

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calories diet. Your daily value may be higher or lower depending on your calories needs.

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value* Calories per 2000
Total Fat 0 g 0 % Total Fat (Less than) 65 g
Saturated Fat 0 g 0 % Sat Fat (Less than) 20 g
Trans Fat 0 g Cholesterol (Less than) 300 mg
Sodium 60 mg 3 % Sodium (Less than) 2400 mg
Total Carbohydrate 15 g 5 % Total Carbohydrate 300 g
Magnesium 15mg 4,25 % Dietary Fiber 25 g
Sugars 14 g Calories per gram
Potassium 320mg 16 % Fat 9
Calcium 4 % Carbohydrate 4
Iron 2 % Protein 4